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Fun collection of 50s sock patterns for men (with a pair of women's stockings and knee socks), plus Lady's and Man's Pullover with Moose and Snowflake Motifs.

Vol. No. 20.  28 pages.  23 man's socks design, 2 lady's stockings, 1 lady's socks and 2 pullover.   Hand Knit Socks by Regent 1950 - PDF Knitting pattern booklet from the original vintage book.

Please note this is a printable PDF pattern file.

You will receive by email a 28-page booklet scanned into a high resolution PDF.

This vintage pattern is out of copyright (public domain).

You can access the book easily from your computer by using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this on your computer, it can be downloaded for free from their site: www.adobe.com

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