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I suggest making a lovely eco-friendly decoration in the shape of a Christmas tree. It is also a very nice gift idea for those who have everything! There is always some space left on the Christmas tree for new decorations, right?

 You will need (for one tree decoration): • 22 cm-long ribbon (vintage, recycled or leftover ribbon) • 3 buttons (vintage, recycled or spare buttons) • Denim fabric scraps (minimum 20 cm x 13 cm each) • Batting (or stuffing) • Thread

Steps to follow:

Cut two denim triangles and one batting triangle using the free pattern to download. To cut the fabric, I used zigzag scissors to add accent to the Xmas tree decoration. Also cut a 22 cm-long piece of ribbon (for the loop) and another 6 cm-long piece (for the tree trunk). 

Sew the three buttons on one piece of denim. You may fold the triangle lengthwise to make sure the buttons are at the centre. Allow enough space along the edges of the triangle for the foot of the sewing machine when sewing.

Insert the stuffing between the two pieces of denim like a sandwich and sew along the edge with a matching or contrasting thread, making sure each folded piece of ribbon is inserted at the right place.  

Voilà! It is so easy to do that you will want to make “tons of copies!” 

Feel free to send me pictures of your project! I would love to share your talent with my readers!