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As a Star Wars fan, I love this one a lot. Found on

Are you a happy woman (or man)? Knitting quote found on

Sorry, not sorry. Sewing quote found on

... and world is brighter with the happiness of children (Mehmet Murat Ildan)

All answers are there! Found on

How fun! Found on

A quote about yarn… Every crocheter or knitter can relate to this statement. Found on

A quote about the joy of achievement… This is why I love making things and crafting! and you? Found on

A quote about managing emotions… Now you know why beading is fundamental… Found on

A quote about old beaders….

A quote about sewing repairs… Found on

A quote about knitting and aerobic… Found on

You thought making something today? Found on

Quotes about DIY therapy…

I like to use these three therapies!

And you?

A quote about talking to yourself while crafting… Found on

Jewelry Maker Name Game – what’s your name? found on pinterest

A quote about creative wellness…

A quote about cleaning craft room… Found on:

A quote about fabric…. Found on:

A quote about buying craft supplies…. From:

A quote about craft hoarder… Source:

A quote about creativity… Found on:

A quote about crochet… Found on:

Inspiring quote: a creative mess... Source:

Be gentle with yourself…

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