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♥ Let's change the world one project at a time! ♥

Welcome to my craft supplies online shop! As a green crafter, I know how much is difficult to find eco friendly supplies. My goal with this shop is to supply you with the most unique eco friendly findings I can get my hands on. I share with you my best finds!! I love natural material like wood, coconut, gemstone and bone.

Using natural and upcycled materials is a way for us to reduce our impact on the environment and keep Mother Nature beautiful and healthy.

Plastic Free Shop. I'm in a process to remove any plastic packaging for my supplies. So you will find in your package different ways, more natural and environmentally friendly packaging.

Some items are still wrapped in plastic and I'm sorry. Rest assured that very soon the plastic will be nonexistent.

Others are wrapped in biodegradable plastic (with green stripe). This is a temporary solution for items that I can't pack differently.

Your comments are welcome! It will help me to improve my way of packaging! Thanks!

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