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AnnyMay believes that handmade crafts are valuable contributions to the creative, emotional and social well-being of society. Despite general consumer trends, interest in handmade is growing stronger. Owing to sites like Etsy, A LittleMarket and DaWanda, craftspeople now benefit from more visibility and public recognition.

With this purpose in mind, she became administrator of the Créateurs d'ici on Etsy team in 2009. Créateurs d'ici brings together French-speaking artisans and craftspeople from all over the world.
Through her blog for fans of handmade, AnnyMay shares her passion for the handmade movement.


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Find a wide selection of exclusive supplies for jewellery making, including wooden, coconut and eco-friendly beads.
Discover unique sewing supplies and a vast assortment of natural buttons.
And check out our knitting section, exclusive collection of felt wool balls and packaging products.

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AnnyMay's Blog

AnnyMay, it’s a creative space with do-it-yourself (DIY) tutorials and projects.
AnnyMay is all about sewingknitting and

jewellery making, but it’s also about projects to do with the kids!
Create your own DIY packaging and paper projects or join us in the kitchen for more great projects.
We are also very fond of flowers, decoration and storage ideas, and recycling projects!
A wealth of creative ideas, projects and free patterns await you at AnnyMay’s creative space!


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Choose your projects, set the order online and receive automatically your printables by email. Print your file at home and voila! Your are ready to start your craft project!  


About AnnyMay

Behind AnnyMay is a woman with a passion for handmade. A fashion designer by profession, Anny Fréchette has a keen interest for handmade projects. She practises her craft as an eco-friendly artisan and she is involved in a number of ventures to promote handmade.
Anny is an experienced seamstress and she was trained in machine knitting. She loves to hand knit during the long winter nights in Quebec. With her head always filled with clever ideas, her workshop is constantly bustling with activity…
Her dream to work from home came true in 2008 when she created her Etsy online shop.
It was during a visit to the Salon des artisans de Montréal that the idea for the shop came to her. Quite disappointed with the fact that craftspeople seldom used, if at all, eco-friendly or natural materials, she decided to extend her eco-friendly philosophy by sharing with her peers her interest in eco-responsible crafts.
Since 2010, she has been writing a french blog called a.n.i.m.é. Later, she founded her online creative material and supply shop.
Soon after, Anny Fréchette’s keen interest would utterly become a day-to-day love story between raw materials, design and craftsmanship. She actually believes in changing the world, one handmade project at a time....